NEW! Expanded Version! This is a thoroughly entertaining glimpse into the origins and development of our native language with enough English trivia thrown in to satisfy even the language experts among us. In his unique style of story-telling, Professor Elliot Engel reveals why our language developed in such a fascinating way from the Celts, to the Anglo-Saxons, to the invading French. The origins of some of our common words and phrases that we use daily are sure to surprise you. Professor Engel’s videos have been described as “the perfect introductory lectures” because they combine just the right mixture of history, information, and humor, and because they tend to generate future interest and study by the viewer. Viewers feel like they have been made privy to “inside information” or that they have had a personal experience with the character or subject matter. Professor Engel’s lectures are unforgettable, and its almost guaranteed that the viewer will be quoting the professor or telling others about the experience. Professor Elliot Engel brings the history of our language to life in a way that will appeal to young and old alike.“The crown jewel of the entire lecture series.” Wisconsin Bookwatch

DVD11  A Light History of the English Language
ISBN 978-1-890123-57-4

Title: A Light History of the English Language
Language: English
Other Languages?: No
Country of Origin: United States
Date Video Released: 2009
Date of Copyright: 2009
Running Time: 45 minutes
Production Type: Made for Video
Subject Areas: Education and Teaching, Literature
Audience Level: Juvenile, Family, General
Ages: 12+
Closed Captioned: No
Format: SD 16:9 DVD, NTSC Color
Cast: Professor Elliot Engel
Director: Carl Gilfillan
Videographer: Bryan Gilfillan
Editor: Carl Gilfillan
Producer/Distributor: Media Consultants, Inc.
3908 East Valley Ct
Raleigh, NC  27606
Contact: Carl Gilfillan
Home Use Rights: Yes
Public Performance?: Yes, Non-Profit
Retail Price: $19.95 (US Dollars)
Vendor Product #: DVD11


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