Mark Twain for Students!

In this program, Dr. Elliot Engel speaks to middle school students and explains why Mark Twain is the greatest writer who ever picked up a pen in the history of America. He introduces young people to this great literary figure in a new and fascinating way—quite different from the usual textbooks or biographies they are normally exposed to. According to Professor Engel, Twain was famous because of what he wrote and who he wrote it for. To understand America during this time, Dr. Engel explores what it was like to be a teenager 100 years ago, leading his audience back through time to understand the social climate and special status of women in the late 1800s. Chickens, counting to ten, and piano legs—learn how these three things shaped the “manners of the day” and caused enormous problems for boys and girls. Twain’s literary career began at the young age of twelve as the assistant editor of his hometown newspaper. Unfortunately, the job was worse than he could have imagined. Driven by ambition and a desire to find his life profession, Dr. Engel tells us that he made a decision that almost destroyed his whole life and prevented us from ever knowing about him—a story guaranteed to have every young person on the edge of their seat!

Running Time: 50 minutes

DVD15  Mark Twain for Students!
ISBN 978-1-890123-72-7

Title: Mark Twain for Students!
Language: English
Other Languages?: No
Country of Origin: United States
Date Video Released: 2002
Date of Copyright: 2002
Running Time: 50 minutes
Production Type: Made for Video
Subject Areas: Education and Teaching, Literature
Audience Level: Juvenile, Family, General
Ages: 12+
Closed Captioned: No
Format: SD 4:3 DVD, NTSC Color
Cast: Professor Elliot Engel
Director: Bryan Gilfillan
Videographer: Carl Gilfillan/Wesley Petty
Editor: Wesley Petty
Producer/Distributor: Media Consultants, Inc.
3908 East Valley Ct
Raleigh, NC  27606
Contact: Carl Gilfillan
Home Use Rights: Yes
Public Performance? Yes, Non-Profit
Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 (US Dollars)
Vendor Product #: DVD15 (DVD version)

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