Charles Dickens, Tonight!

Dr. Elliot Engel and actor Jeffery West have combined their talents to produce a fine evening of fact combined with fantasy regarding Engel’s favorite subject, Charles Dickens. Engel is, himself, widely known as one of the most knowledgeable scholars on the subject, and this endeavor is the next in a very long line of works he has researched, written, and published on a wide span of English and American literary greats. The show is based on the more than 400 public readings Dickens gave of his own works across the two countries of England and America during the last half of the 19th century. Professor Engel has selected some of the very best of the readings that Dickens himself used while on his tour, including of course A Christmas Carol, along with selections from Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, and A Tale of Two Cities. Jeffery West, as Charles Dickens, performs these readings, and they are, as readings, spectacular.

“Exceedingly entertaining, and quite satisfying for any Dickens aficionado.” 
Alan R. Hall, Themestream

Running Time: 93 minutes

Charles Dickens, Tonight!
ISBN 978-1-890123-71-0


Title: Charles Dickens, Tonight!
Language: English
Other Languages?: No
Country of Origin: United States
Date Video Released: 2002
Date of Copyright: 2002
Running Time: 93 minutes
Production Type: Live Performance Play, Videotaped
Subject Areas: Education and Teaching, Literature
Audience Level: Juvenile, Family, General
Ages: 12+
Closed Captioned: No
Format: SD 4:3 DVD, NTSC Color
Cast: Professor Elliot Engel and Actor Jeffery West
Director: Carl Gilfillan
Videographer: Carl Gilfillan and Bryan Gilfillan
Editor: Wesley Petty
Producer/Distributor: Media Consultants, Inc.
3908 East Valley Ct
Raleigh, NC  27606
Contact: Carl Gilfillan
Home Use Rights: Yes
Public Performance? Yes, Non-Profit
Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 (US Dollars)
Vendor Product #: DVD16 (DVD version)

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