The Brilliant and Bizarre Brontës

In this program in his Writing Wonders Series, Dr. Elliot Engel relates the unusual background of the Brontë family and how it contributed to the early development of the Brontë children and to their outstanding, but brief, writing careers. Beginning with the marriage and professional pursuits of Mr. Brontë, Professor Engel sets the stage for the tragic story of Charlotte (Jane Eyre), Emily (Wuthering Heights), Anne, and Branwell. We learn of the impact of the death of the two eldest daughters, the move to the family home at Haworth, and the creative play of the children that so influenced all of them and inspired their brilliant literature. With Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë is credited with creating the first realistic heroine in English literature and the novel is still on the bestseller list today in the “classic fiction” genre. Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights was originally hated by critics and received very negative reviews because it was considered to be immoral. Today it is considered today to be one of the greatest novels in the English language.

Professor Elliot Engel is quite possibly the most insightful, personable, and entertaining academic lecturer to come out of academia in the last fifty years.” Wisconsin Bookwatch

Running Time: 50 minutes

DVD17  The Brilliant and Bizarre Brontes
ISBN 978-1-890123-73-4

Title: The Brilliant and Bizarre Brontes
Language: English
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Country of Origin: United States
Date Video Released: 2002
Date of Copyright: 2002
Running Time: 50 minutes
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Subject Areas: Education and Teaching, Literature
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Ages: 12+
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Format: SD 4:3 DVD, NTSC Color
Cast: Professor Elliot Engel
Director: Carl Gilfillan
Videographer: Carl Gilfillan
Editor: Wesley Petty
Producer/Distributor: Media Consultants, Inc.
3908 East Valley Ct
Raleigh, NC  27606
Contact: Carl Gilfillan
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