O. Henry: His Surprise
Endings and Beginnings

Few authors have suffered more undeserved neglect than O. Henry. Dr. Engel redeems this master of the short story by emphasizing the forces which shaped his unique and universally appealing fiction. A live performance, illustrated with pictures and graphics.

Running Time: 52 minutes
NTSC Color, 16:9 Widescreen: Copyright 2009

  O. Henry:
His Surprise Endings and Beginnings

ISBN 978-1-890123-75-8


Title: O. Henry: His Surprise Endings and Beginnings
Language: English
Other Languages?: No
Country of Origin: United States
Date Video Released: 2009
Date of Copyright: 2009
Running Time: 52 minutes
Production Type: Live Performance, Videotaped
Subject Areas: Education and Teaching, Literature
Audience Level: Juvenile, Family, General
Ages: 12+
Closed Captioned: No
Format: SD 16:9 Widescreen DVD
NTSC Color
Cast: Professor Elliot Engel
Director: Carl Gilfillan
Videographer: Bryan Gilfillan
Editor: Carl Gilfillan
Producer/Distributor: Media Consultants, Inc.
3908 East Valley Ct
Raleigh, NC  27606
Contact: Carl Gilfillan
Home Use Rights: Yes
Public Performance? Yes, Non-Profit
Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 (US Dollars)
Vendor Product #: DVD19 (DVD version)

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